Chilling out at Akita Onsen Plaza (hot spring) in Akita City, Akita, Japan

This is a nice hot spring “Akita Onsen Plaza” located around Akita Station (About 15minutes from the station). As a local Akita citizen, I believe that this is a good place to relax. We stayed there for a night around the middle of January 2023, and it costed less than 20,000 JPY per person, which seemed so reasonable. Dinner and breakfast were included, and they were also really delicious! We highly recommend this hot-spring hotel!

Cozy Japanese-style room

The room was awesome, too! The door was decorated with traditional Kabazaiku (cherry-tree craftworks), which is originated in Kakunodate, Akita, Japan. Check them out before getting into the room! The room was 10 tatami-mat size and its Japanese style interior healed us a lot. At night, we could sleep well in Japanese futon bed.

We loved the quality of the hot spring! The hot water felt rich and good for our skin! Besides, the outdoor bathtub is made of natural wood. It smelled so relaxing that we could run away from reality! haha!

Finally, it’s dinner time! We were told to move to a private dining room where we could enjoy ourselves without thinking about other customers. And, the dinner made us excited! All the dishes were beautiful and delicious as the photos show. I personally would like to visit there again!

Actually, it was our mother’s birthday month, so we had a surprise party there…And… she was so surprised, excited, and happy!! It’s been a long time since I saw my mother’s crying last time… We felt so happy because she looked so happy. We did it!

Birthday cake for our mother♪

Akita Onsen Plaza has many attractions; the hot spring was rich and relaxing, the dishes were so tasty, and the room was so cozy! We loved there. Not only staying there but also taking a day trip to its hot spring is also attractive! If you have a chance to come to Akita, why don’t you visit Akita Onsen Plaza? (^^)

*January 2023

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