Omoriyama Zoo as one of the fun sightseeing places in Akita City, Akita, Japan

If you want to see cute animals and do something fun, we highly recommend Omoriyama Zoo in Akita city, Akita, Japan! This is one of the popular sightseeing spots in Akita, which I’ve visited many times with my family when I was little. Even today, a lot of people visit there to enjoy the time with these attractive animals. You should put this zoo in your bucket list in Japan! haha

On that day, I arrived at Omoriyama Zoo around 10:00a.m. In the morning, zoo animals seemed energetic and walked around their areas. I recommend that you should go there in the morning because they might take a rest or sleep in the afternoon. 

After parking my car in the free parking lot, I enjoyed walking in the zoo. As I entered the gate, I saw various zoo animals such as porcupines, penguins, flamingos, capybaras, sea lions and more!

This is a prairie dog… Looks like it’s taking a rest in the shade?? So funny and cute! (^^)

I had never seen camels until I saw them here!

They were bigger than I thought, but seemed calm. They seemed to be interested in human beings because they looked at me when I was walking closer to them. Please feel these interesting animals!

Have you ever seen giraffes and elephants? They are always popular zoo animals! This giraffe actually came closer to me when I visited it! I was surprised! Hello, giraffe~♪

Hi, there ~♪

At the monkeys’ area, visitors can enjoy the feeding experience (*Buy monkeys’ food at 100yen per cup). Because there is some distance, visitors need to throw the food towards monkeys. Then! The monkeys raise their hands to get attention! Sometimes, they even catch food! This is so fun!! You should try it!

By the way, there were little kids and teenagers at the same time. They were also cute!

Here’s a lion!! Wow!! 


Watching us?? lol

Capybaras!! So relaxed ~♪

Flamingos!! Their color is beautiful ~♪

More animals are waiting for you! If you like animals and are looking for things to do in Akita, this Omoriyama Zoo is a good place to go! Have fun! (^^)b

~~~ Information ~~~

Omoriyama Zoo

154 Katabata, Aza-Hamada, Akita City, Akita, Japan

【Entrance Fee】Adult 730yen per person / High School Students and below are free of charge / Groups of 20 adults and more: 530yen per person

【Opening Hours】Around March ~ November 9:00~16:30(※Admission is until 16:00 / *Open every day)/ Around January ~ February 10:00~15:00(※Admission is until 14:30 / *Open only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

*Please check the Official Website for more information. 

【Parking】For free


*From JR Akita Station: About 20 minutes by car / By bus: About 40 minutes (No.7 at West Exit) to Omoriyama Zoo (Araya Line) / By train: About 7 minutes to JR Araya Station (Uetsu Line) ~ About 8-10 minutes from JR Araya Station by car or bus (*As below)

*From JR Araya Station: About 8 minutes by car / About 10 minutes by bus (Araya Line, To Omoriyama Zoo from the bus stop “WESTER” ) 

*From Akita Airport: About 30 minutes by car

*From Akita Chuo IC: About 30 minutes by car


Written by Naomi in Ugo

*As of June 2023.

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