Akita, Japan Tourism ~ Photogenic tea time♪in Akita, Tohoku, Japan

Do you need a break? Let’s have a relaxing café time in Akita City (Akita, Japan)! Today, I’m going to introduce some photogenic cafés! I hope they would be your best café!

Café “Akai bunko”

Wow! There’s Spiderman on the wall! lol

Café “Akai bunko” is in a unique building, which is standing across Akita Citizen’s Market. Once you enter the café, you can feel as if you’re entering into another world! It’s like a library with old books all around the space. Many clocks are on the wall, but the time is all different…

There are attractive classic items of good old days in Japan. Also, each table or area is designed to literary legends as Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Soseki Natsume, and so on. I thought the displays inside were photogenic!

Customers can read these books in the café during their stay. So, you can have a relaxing time reading and eating delicious foods and drinks at the same time. I think you can also enjoy them while sightseeing.

This is a lunch set served only on weekdays (1375 yen). Stew-rice and original blended hot coffee! It’s a smoking-hot dish like a rice gratin with Demi-glace sauce and melting cheese. So delicious!

Smoking-hot dish! The melting cheese is awesome!

After the main dish, coffee and dessert are coming♪ According to the store, it takes some time because they serve pour over coffees by grinding beans per order. I felt they really care about serving high quality coffee.

Also, I ordered “strawberry white chocolate ‘mountain’ cake” (869 Yen)! I was curious about the name… but, now I know it! See this photo!

This is the “mountain” !

It’s literally like a mountain! A sweet mountain! Some strawberries are hiding in the white chocolate cake. And, it is covered with rich whipping cream! Sooo sweet!! This cake goes well with better coffee.

They also serve various foods and drinks, such as black coffee, café latte, coffee with alcohol, oven cooking, Galette, cakes and so on. They are all attractive!

~~~ Store Info. ~~~

1F M’s Birudjingu, 4-6-16 Nakadori, Akita City, Akita, Japan (*Across Akita Citizen’s Market)


Open (Monday to Saturday) 11:00~22:00 / (Sunday and national holidays) 8:00~11:00

【Parking】Paid parking

【From JR Akita Station (West Exit)】About 4 minutes by car・taxi / About 8 minutes on foot

R table

If you want to eat foods made from rice flour, you should go to “R table”! Not only main dishes but also desserts are mainly made from rice. Akita is famous for its delicious rice, so I hope you’ll be able to enjoy our local rice!

When I visited here before, I ordered its popular dish, a roast beef bowl, which was really good! The roast beef were tender and the sauce matched rice very well. I was wondering if I should choose it again…

But this time, I chose to try another popular dish, a set lunch of lasagna (with a soup, 1100yen) !!

The lasagna is 100% made from rice flour, so it is smooth and chewy. Plus, the tomato-based sauce goes well with everything!

Can you also see a few slices of white bread? As you may think, they are made from rice flour! So soft and chewy rice-bread… I love them!

Love cheeeeese!

I felt I was full, but… I couldn’t stop ordering a dessert! haha! This is Gateau au chocolat, also made from rice flour (550yen). Using Couverture chocolate, it has a rich taste and matches with vanilla ice cream. Also, it was so cute like an art! Don’t you think it’s photogenic!?!? Or should I say it’s “Instagenic”? haha!

Actually, I’ve eaten other desserts of R table, such as pancakes and a cheese cake. They were not like normal ones. I mean, the texture was unique! Because these desserts were made from rice as well, the texture was rather crumbly. I enjoyed it very much!

In addition to these attractive dishes and sweets, they have a pork ginger bowl, chicken Pho, rice noodles, rice balls, etc. Some of them are for take-away, too. From 14:00 (LO 17:00), you can have the rice-based pancakes. With these foods, you may like to order coffee, café mocha, chocolate latte, peach iced tea soda, seasonal smoothies, and more! Chill out and enjoy them!

~~~ Store Info. ~~~

4-57 Misono-machi, Minami-dori, Akita City, Akita, Japan


Open 11:00~18:00

*Closed on Wednesday

【Parking】Free parking (10 cars)

【From JR Akita Station (West Exit)】About 7 minutes by car・taxi / About 20 minutes on foot


A fancy pancakes shop, “nico”, is one of my favorite cafes in Akita City! Their pancakes are always cute and delicious! They’re so Instagrammable!

Enjoy a cozy tea time at “nico”♪ Check this out♪

~~~ Access to JR Akita Station ~~~

*From Akita Expressway (Akita-chuo IC): About 30 minutes by car・taxi

*From Akita Airport: About 40 minutes by car・taxi / About 40 minutes by limousine bus

Written by Naomi in Ugo

*As of June, 2021.

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