Cats! Cats! Cats! Fun place to visit for cat-lover! Cat café “Yuzu-no-ie” in Yuri-honjo city, Akita, Japan

Are you a cat-lover or a dog-lover? I like both, but I became a cat-lover after having my own cat! When I searched cat cafes in Akita, I could find three of them plus a new one (*As of September 2019). I’ve been to all of them already! Among them, my favorite one is “Yuzu-no-ie” (Home of Yuzu) in Yuri-honjo city, the southern Akita, Japan.

Cats of “Yuzu-no-ie” are funny animals who love watching a combine used in rice harvest! They are very unique, and you can see their video on the official Twitter♪

When you visit Japan, it’s good to go to some famous sightseeing spots. But I recommend you to include this fun cat café as one of your places to visit!

It’s nice to drive along the Japan Sea when you go there from Akita city. Especially good for sunny days!

After enjoying about 1-hour drive, I arrived at the cat cafe, “Yuzu-no-ie”. The location is a bit complicated because the house can be found after coming into a narrow street. So, I recommend you to check a map carefully in advance when you visit there by car.

There is a cute yellow signboard!

The building looks like someone’s house, but you can find it with its cute signboard. From outside, I could see some cats watching me from the window and maybe saying like, “Hey, what are you doing there? Let’s play together!” Can’t wait!!

There is shop information and some notes at the entrance. It says that:

  • Please do not feed or bring foods to cats.
  • When you take pictures, please turn off the camera flash not to hurt cats’ eyes. Also, please do not bother other customers.
  • Please be kind to cats. Don’t disturb them when they are sleeping. etc.

Cats would be happy when we follow these rules and having fun together!

Taking off my shoes at the hallway, I went inside for reception. At first, I paid money (1 hour 1,080 yen / *As of September 2019) and got an entry tag. There are some option menu as Drink Bar and Cats’ Treat (cat food).

Last time, I tried this cats’ treat… But! Too many cats gathered as soon as I opened it!! Wow!! That was fun but I thought it’s not for cat-beginners. haha! Anyway, if cats become happy, then we become happy, too!

On that day, there were about 20 cats and a dog in the room. According to the owner, more cats are living together in the entire house. They were rescued by the owner or left there by somebody. I heard some cats have been adopted there because their previous owners couldn’t keep them after moving out. Others were kept there due to the original owners’ overseas posting. The reason may vary, but I think it’s really important to take responsibility for having pets as a family member.

All the cats there have gotten spayed or neutered. Also, they have been exterminated flea and tick. If there are sick cats, the owner separate them from the main room for safety.

At Yuzu-no-ie, cat adoption is available. This place is not only a cat café but like a pet shelter to rescue cats and find new owners. I hope more and more cats would be saved and have a happy cat life!

In the cat room, there was cats’ unique smell, of course. haha! But I soon forgot it because they were soooooooo adorable!!! It’s the happiest moment whenever I visit there. Most of the cats are so friendly that they soon come and sit on my legs. Not only one, but a few cats at the same time!! They are warm and very cute!! I believe they are healer for people.

Just after lunch time or at noon, most of them are sleeping. Sometimes cats run around the room or start fighting. But, don’t worry too much. It’s their nature. If there are any problems, visitors can speak to the owner directly from the cat room.

By the way, I think cats are funny animals. They don’t show their feelings directly like dogs, but they actually show how they feel by moving their tail, whiskers, and so on. I’ve heard that cats are excited when their whiskers move forward but they are in a bad mood if their tail moves quickly to left and right. Looking at cats carefully tells us their message, I think.

Oh, it’s so hard to say good-bye to these lovely cats… It’s time to go now. I’m sure I will come here again!

This is like a petting zoo specialized in cats where visitors can play with them freely. Also, this café enables you for cat adoption. Hope you’ll enjoy a lovely cat-time!


~~~ Shop Info ~~~

“Yuzu-no-ie” (Home of Yuzu)

34-13 Ichiban-zeki, Yuri-honjo city, Akita, Japan

Twitter @yuzu_kitty16


Open 13:00 ~ 19:00 on weekdays / 11:00 ~ 19:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays (*Last entry at 18:00)

Closed on Wednesdays

【Price】1,080 yen per hour



*By car: About 1 hour from JR Akita Station / About 45 minutes from Akita Airport

*By train: From JR Akita Station (West Exit) to “Ugo-honjo Station” by JR Uetsu Line (About 45 minutes) ~ About 20 minutes on foot


Written by Naomi in Ugo

*As of November, 2019.

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