Local coffee house “NAGAHAMA COFFEE” – Café with free wifi (in Akita city, Akita, Japan)

The outstanding orange building is one of my favorite café, “NAGAHAMA COFFEE” in Soto-asahikawa, Akita city, Akita, Japan. I like yummy plate lunch at this coffee house! It’s a café with free wifi, so you can relax there during traveling Tohoku, Japan! Although this is a travel blog, let me introduce you our local attractive coffee shop, too!

There are 10 branch shops in total (*As of November, 2019). The head office is in Daisen city of the southern Akita, Tohoku area in Japan. Tohoku has lots of attractions such as Onsen (hot spring), nature, delicious Sake and food, and more. Traveling Tohoku will give you a relaxing time, including this local café!

When you come inside, you’ll find a cozy café time with relaxing BGM. There are also terrace seats outside which opens mainly in spring and summer. It must be so good under the beautiful weather!

There is a grand menu that is common to all the NAGAHAMA COFFEE branches but I found lunch set is not always the same in every store. Different tastes of pasta can be served in each shop, so you’d better check all of them! haha!

Today’s plate lunch in Soto-asahikawa store came with oil sardine pasta! Yummy! The salad, soup, daily sandwich and small dishes were also good. It’s fun to taste various kinds of foods at the same time. The pasta varies season to season. That’s why, I can’t stop coming here!

Last time, I had GIBASA pasta. GIBASA (the green parts of the pasta in this photo) is local edible seaweed and has a gooey consistency. It may look strange but so tasty!! It is not only delicious but healthy and nutritious!

Look! Here is a set of cake and cafe latte! This is a pear cake! YAY!

The latte art is kawaii, right? (“kawaii” means cute in Japanese.) I felt sorry for the cute art when I started to drink, though.

Anyway, I love this combination. Another day, I tried pistachio cake! So yummy!

As one of the unique points of NAGAHAMA COFFEE, they have official coffee masters recognized by the government of Brazil, who checks the quality of coffee beans. Those beans which have successfully passed the strict checks are finally made into the coffee. Then, they are provided to customers at NAGAHAMA COFFEE. If you are familiar with coffee, maybe you’ll find the differences between these special coffee and others. I wish I had such skill!

Some people enjoy chatting and others focus on laptop. It’s up to you! Have a good time at our local NAGAHAMA COFFEE!


~~~ Shop Info ~~~

NAGAHAMA COFFEE in Soto-asahikawa

110-1 Koyachi, Soto-asahikawa, Akita city, Akita, Japan


Open 8:00 ~ 20:00(Last Order 19:30)

Open 365 days per year



*By car・taxi:About 20 minutes from JR Akita Station (West Exit)

*By bus:About 25 minutes from JR Akita Station (West Exit)


Written by Naomi in Ugo

*As of November, 2019.

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