Fresh market and local café at the roadside station, Michino eki Ugo “Hanui no Sato”, in Ugo town, Akita, Japan

“Michino eki” is not exactly a station but a roadside station where drivers can take a rest or enjoy shopping during road trip. It’s usually annexed to fresh market, restaurant, souvenir shop, etc.

In our hometown, there is such road station, “Michino eki Ugo, Hanui no Sato”. Here, both local people and visitors from all over Japan gather especially in Nishimonai Bon-odori (bon dance) Festival held in summer! The festival has been designated as a significant intangible folk cultural asset. (*See our blog!)

This is the “Hanui” kimono for Nishimonai Bon-odori

“Michino eki Ugo, Hanui no Sato” has been built in 2016. There are many attractions!

Summer☆Sweet watermelon made in Ugo♪
Fresh vegetables♪
Fall☆ Persimmon♪Yummy!

The fresh market is crowded especially on weekends. Yummy foods and souvenirs attract visitors! For example, in summer, local specialties as very sweet watermelons and fresh vegetables are sold at the shop. In fall, juicy apples and fruits are sold there. “Imonoko” is my favorite vegetable which is like a taro and cooked into a local hot pot dish called “Imonoko jiru”. Yummy!

“Imonoko” taro! It’s good in a soup!

By the way, do you often eat chrysanthemum? haha! After boiling them, drain the chrysanthemum and eat with soy sauce. I think this is a kind of local dish. You will smell the flower and is a bit bitter, but delicious!

Edible chrysanthemum!!

There are also local café, healthy soba noodle restaurant and Gelato shop. The local café, “Bon café” provides coffee, cakes and snacks. My favorite is a set of café latte and the homemade unbaked cheesecake!

Bon Cafe☆
Homemade unbaked cheesecake♪

“Hanui Dining” mainly serves soba noodles. Ugo-town is famous for its delicious soba noodles, so several soba restaurants are in this town. Hot or cold soba with toppings as Tempura are really good!

Hanui Dining☆
Zaru-soba with Tempura♪

Finally, if you want some desserts, I recommend you to try Gelato at “ugogela”. Blueberry, milk, Eda-mame (green soybeans), chocolate, sesame and more flavors are available! Ummm, I need lots of time to decide. haha!

Various kinds of Gelato!

When it’s sunny, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape of Ugo! The contrast between the sky and rice field makes us relaxed. I love this peaceful town.

If you are lucky, Akita dogs sometimes come to this place. Please enjoy this fresh market and relaxing atmosphere of our hometown!

“Iburi gakko” is a local specialty!

***Check it out!***

Nishimonai Bon-odori (bon dance) FestivalGo to blog♪

~~~ Facility Info ~~~

Michino eki Ugo “Hanui no Sato”

200 Nakano, Aza, Nishimonai Ugo, Ogachi-gun, Akita, Japan

Open 9:00~18:00(From November to March 9:00~17:00)

*Open all year round(except January 1st)



*From JR Akita station: About 70 minutes by car・taxi/About 90 minutes by train (JR Ou Line) ~ Yuzawa Station ~ About 20 minutes by bus・Taxi

*From Akita Airport: About 60 minutes by car・taxi


Written by Naomi in Ugo

*As of January, 2020.

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