Enjoy walking in a historical landmark “Senshu Park”! Local tourist attractions in Akita City, Akita, Japan

Senshu Park is a historical park loved by people in Akita City, Akita, Japan. The Kubota Castle was built around 1602 by SATAKE Yoshinobu, the first generation lord of the Akita Domain. The Satake clan had lasted by 12 lords for 267 years. The Kubota Castle site is known as Senshu Park today. (*Go to the official website)

This open space is the site of Ninomaru, where the lord enjoyed watching dances or performances at that time. Today, at Ninomaru, people can enjoy Sakura festival in spring and meeting Akita dogs!! (*Go to the official website)

In addition to these tourist attractions, there are Satake Historical Museum and kiosk, too. I saw some couples, elderly people and family visitors walking around the park. This place is suitable as walking trails, I think!

Kiosk in Ninomaru, Senshu Park
Akita Dog Fureaidokoro (interacting spot) in Senshu Park
Satake Historical Museum

Going up there, you can see a historical building called “Omonogashira-gobansho”. According to the official information, it was used as an office of the guards of the castle. Although it was repaired, this building is known as the only building existing since the time of Akita Domain. It has been designed as a cultural property of Akita City.

View from “Omonogashira-gobansho”
Great gate!!

Entering into the vigorous gate, people can enjoy walking in the green especially in spring and summer! On the left side, there is “Yojiro Inari Shrine”. Yojiro is a legendary fox served for SATAKE Yoshinobu, the first generation lord. We have a marathon event called “Yojiro Ekiden” in the city today. How about joining it?

“Yojiro Inari Shrine”
Beautiful green♪

Finally, you can arrive at the historical landmark of Senshu Park!


“Osumi-yagura” was a tower playing a role of lookout as well as warehouse of weapons. This tower was restored by the city and visitors can enter there. At the top, you can view the whole Akita City! Also, it is a museum that you can learn about the tower and Satake clan.

Nice view from the top of Osumi-yagura☆

Inside of the park, there is a renovated Japanese-style cafe “Matsushita Saryo”. (*Go to the official website -> Here☆)

It is not only a cafe but also a complex including such services as Japanese Sake bar, a theater where visitors can enjoy traditional Japanese performance of “Akita Maiko”, etc.

“Matsushita Saryo”
Inside of the cafe☆

Inside has a warm atmosphere created by Akita cedar and a beautiful Japanese-style umbrella. It’s so photogenic!

There, I enjoyed matcha green tea with small traditional sweets.

Also, I couldn’t stop buying the cute cookies! They are decorated with Akita Maiko, Namahage and Akita dog! So pretty and yummy♪

How cute!

In addition to Senshu Park, I recommend you to visit “Joshitei”, too. You will see a historical villa and tea garden of the Satake clan. Please fully enjoy our city’s history!

****Check it out!****

The Satake clan’s historical villa and tea garden “Joshitei” → Go to blog♪

~~~  Facility Info ~~~

Senshu Park

Senshu Park 1, Akita City, Akita, Japan


*Kubota Castle (in Senshu Park): Open 9:00~16:30(※Open 9:00~19:00 during summer vacation of public elementary school and junior high school)/ Entrance fee of 100 yen per adult and 80 yen for a group over 20 members / Closed December 1st~March 31st

【Parking】Paid parking


*From JR Akita station (West Exit): About 5 minutes by car・taxi・bus / About 15 minutes on foot

*From Akita Expressway (Akita-chuo IC): About 20 minutes by car・taxi

*From Akita Airport: About 40 minutes by car・taxi / About 40 minutes by limousine bus~ From JR Akita station (West Exit): About 5 minutes by car・taxi・bus / About 15 minutes on foot

Written by Naomi in Ugo

*As of July, 2020.

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