Have fun with animals at a local ranch “Tsuchida Bokujo” in Nikaho city, Akita

Hachiko may be one of the famous animals in the world. It’s an Akita dog which is well-known for its loyalty as described in an old Japanese movie “Hachiko Monogatari” (1987). Not only Akita dog but other animals are good partner of people, I think.

If you are thinking about visiting our country, here are my recommended things to do in Japan! Enjoy our travel guide!

In Akita in the northern area of Japan, there are lots of nature, animals, delicious Japanese sake and food. Tsuchida Bokujo is in Nikaho city of the southern Akita, Japan. The ranch is located at the foot of Mt. Chokai. I have been there a few times with my family. It’s not a zoo, but similar to a petting zoo having several animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, cows, etc. Let me show you more!

From Akita city, it’ll take about 1 and a half hour by car. You’ll enjoy driving the sea coast in sunny days. If you take trains, it’s about 1 hour from Akita station to the nearest Nikaho station, plus, about 20 minutes by car or taxi from there.

When you get closer to the site, you can see beautiful grass and windmills. Then, you’ll find a signboard “Tsuchida Bokujo” finally.

At the entrance, there is a shop with live-cooking sausage.

Both spicy and non-spicy sausages are cooked and sold in front of the customers. While waiting, the delicious smell attracts everyone! Yummy!

This is so good!

And you can enjoy very creamy and ricesoft serve ice cream, too!

In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape in eating space, too. I recommend you to visit there in sunny day, of course! Have fun!

There is also a shop in the same building of the ranch.

“Made-in-Tsuchida Bokujo” products are sold there, such as, Jersey milk, yogurt, cheese toast, soft serve ice cream, sausages and so on.

This Jersey rare cheese cake is the most popular products here.

You can bring them your home at tepid (room temperature), but you have to put them in a fridge before you eat!

And please don’t forget to try the cheese toast! It has a rich taste! I think it’s one of the necessary things to do in Japan. haha!

Jersey cattles in this ranch graze and eat nutritious grass, so their milk contain lots of iron, calcium and vitamin A. It’s worth trying!

You can buy some of them at department stores as well. At the site, feeling the nature and tasting them are especially good!

When you go outside again, St. Bernard welcomes us soon!

They are very calm and kind, so visitors can touch or pet them freely. For animals lovers like me, this place is a heaven! YAY!!

In addition, I saw many kids enjoying feeding small animals as rabbits. Watching animals eating is so interesting, isn’t it?

When you come with your family, you can also play in Kodomo Bokujo (kids ranch), Sun Valley Family Land (a playroom newly opened in 2018) and experience milking a cow.

Tsuchida Bokujo seems to take great care of their animals and thank them for making such high-quality products. I think this is a good place to have fun with animals, enjoy nature, and tasting delicious foods. Come and fully enjoy Tsuchida Bokujo! Thank you.

See you soon!

~~~ Shop Info ~~~

Tsuchida Bokujo

4-6 Toshiyama, Baba, Nikaho city, Akita, Japan


From January to February: Open 10:00 ~ 16:30

From March to December: Open 9:00 ~ 17:00

*It depends on the weather.

【Access】About 1 and a half hour by car from Akita airport/ Shonai airport, About 20 minutes by car from Nikaho IC, About 20 minutes by car/ taxi from Nikaho station


Written by Naomi in Ugo

*As of August, 2019.


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