Dynamic tourist attractions, Namahage-Daiko, and Ishiyaki Cuisine in Oga City, Akita, Japan

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Akita is “Namahage” in Oga!

It’s a traditional winter event held on the 2nd Friday, Saturday and Sunday in February every year. It’s so dynamic that I was really impressed by that! (*Go to the blog♪)

Oga Banseikaku

There is another attraction in Oga city, that is, Ishiyaki Cuisine! My parents and I enjoyed the local cuisine while staying in a traditional hotel, Oga Banseikaku.

This ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) is located in the Onsen area (hot spring resort) of Oga city, Akita, Japan. Oga Banseikaku has opened since 1963. The red building reminded me of the red Namahage! When we entered the retro hotel, a kind Okami (female master) and staff welcomed us with lots of smile. They introduced the Namahage drum performance at night, which made us so excited! We thought, “We should go!”

Since the building has been built decades ago, the entire hotel including guest rooms and onsen (hot spring) seemed retro. Also, we could see the Japan Sea from our room.

While waiting for dinner, we took a hot spring bath. It was so relaxing!

Finally, it’s time for dinner!! Let’s enjoy seafood!!

Sashimi Boat☆

We ordered Snow Crab, Sashimi Boat (various raw fish served on a boat-like dish) and a local hot pot dish, Ishiyaki Cuisine!

Snow Crab!!

All of them were so good! Especially, we enjoyed the performance of Ishiyaki Cuisine cooked in front of us!

First, the staff brought a set of Ishiyaki Cuisine. She put all the ingredients (fish, seaweed and green onion, I guess.) into the miso soup.

Then, a few hot stones were put into it making some noise and smoke!

Because the stone was very hot, the soup got boiled quickly! And, there was a good smell of seafood soup! Yummy!

Ishiyaki Cuisine is a local dish originally cooked by fishermen in Oga. I recommend you to try it!

After the delicious dinner, we went to see Namahage-Daiko!! The hall was located in a distance of 1-minute walk. So close to the hotel!

Namahage-Daiko’s site

Namahage-Daiko is a dynamic drum performance by Namahage, a traditional God in Oga region. They have performed in overseas, too. The beat is so cool! I’m sure you’ll like it! (*Official Website -> http://e-ogaonsen.com/taiko/en/ )

The live show is held from 20:30 (About 30 minutes) almost every day except for winter time. Please check the schedule in advance. The ticket is 600 yen including tax per adult (*As of December, 2020).

As I mentioned earlier, the traditional winter event of “Namahage” in Oga is held on the 2nd Friday, Saturday and Sunday in February every year. Namahage-Daiko in the snow is also attractive as you can see HERE! Check it out!

How do you like it? I hope you become interested in our traditional culture and enjoy Akita travel someday!

~~~ Facility Info ~~~

Oga Banseikaku

63-2 Kusaki-hara, Kitaura-yumoto, Oga City, Akita, Japan


【Check In】15:00

【Check Out】10:00

【Parking】For free


*From JR Akita station:JR Oga Line “Oga Station”(About 55 minutes)~ Namahage Shuttle(About 40 minutes)

*From Akita Airport:By car・taxi(About 1 hour 30 minutes)/By Akita Airport Liner(About 1 hour 30 minutes)/By car・taxi to JR Wada Station(About 8 minutes)or By limousine bus to JR Akita Station(About 40 minutes)~ JR Oga Line “Oga Station”(About 55 minutes)~ Namahage Shuttle(About 40 minutes)


Written by Naomi in Ugo

*As of December, 2020.

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