Akita, Japan Tourism ~ Photogenic tea time♪in Akita, Tohoku, Japan

【Orange Smile】

“Orange Smile” is a fancy café in Akita City, Akita, Japan. The café provides delicious lunch and desserts, which are not only tasty but also cute! The lunch sets are two types; Japanese Lunch Set or Western Lunch Set (1,100yen each). Though it was a tough decision making, I finally ordered Western Lunch Set! Look! So photogenic!

The main dish is a set of grilled fish with cream pepper sauce and a hamburger steak. I was so happy to eat both fish and meat dishes! I especially loved the hamburger steak with lemon onion sauce. The sauce was a bit sweet, maybe because of the onions. I really loved it!! Also, the fish had cream pepper sauce. Both kinds of the sauce were so tasty!

As you can see on the photos, a small gratin was cute and creamy! The main dishes, side dishes, soup and rice… Everything was so good!

You can enjoy tea time there, too! Dessert menu is, for example, parfait, pancakes and French toast. In addition, there are drinks as coffee, tea, herbal tea, orange juice, grape juice, and so on.

Lastly, if you’re coming by car, it would be better to check how to park because it’s limited. Thank you for your cooperation!

~~~ Store Info. ~~~

Fellows BL 1F, 16-20 Chiyoda-machi, Hodono, Akita City, Akita, Japan

*Open 11:30-19:00 on Monday to Thursday / 11:30-22:30 on Friday, Saturday and the day before a holiday / 11:30-16:00 on Sunday and holiday

*Irregular days off

【Parking】Free parking (Please check the store)

【From JR Akita Station (West Exit)】About 10 minutes by car・taxi / About 8 minutes by bus and about 8 minutes on foot from the bus stop


“S CAFÉ” locates across “Orange Smile”. Inside of the café is cozy with wooden tables and green plants. I feel relaxed.

The café serves healthy food including vegan dishes and macrobiotics food. Today, I enjoyed lunch time there♪

This is “Omelet rice with beef demi-glace sauce” (1,000yen). It also has a salad, drink and dessert!

A lot of homemade demi-glace sauce is put on creamy eggs on the rice! It has some cut beef in the sauce. Gorgeous!

With the main dish, I ordered Today’s Drink, a blended tea of Holy Basil, Nettle and Mate. This is a herbal tea and had a strong herb smell. I had never tried such flavor and taste before, so I enjoyed the tea time, too. Trying something new is always exciting!

They also have other healthy lunch sets like Vegan Set (1,200yen), Medicinal Keema Curry (1,000yen), Omelet Rice of Beef Demi-glace Sauce and Keema Curry (1,200yen), etc. Physical and emotional health is both important! Since I’ve never had any vegan dishes, I think I should try it there!

This café is so comfortable that it seems suitable both for single visitors and a group of friends. I recommend “S CAFÉ” during your sightseeing and for your lunch or tea time.

~~~ Store Info. ~~~

16-26, 1-chome, Minami, Izumi, Akita City, Akita, Japan



*Open 11:00~15:00

*Closed on Wednesday and Thursday (Please check their website for more information!)

【Parking】Free parking

【From JR Akita Station (West Exit)】About 10 minutes by car・taxi / About 8 minutes by bus and about 8 minutes on foot from the bus stop

Café Latte

“Café Latte” is in the 1st floor of Bay Paradise which is in front of a landmark called SELION in Tsuchizaki, Akita City. Your pet dog can also enter there! Dogs’ cookies and some goods are sold near the cashier. When I was in the café, some of the customers brought their dogs together. Because I’m cats and dogs lover, I was happy to see them!

While staying there, from big windows inside, I could enjoy the view of the sea. It’s good especially on sunny days!

As food and dessert menu, there are curry and rice, hamburger steak, cod roe spaghetti, Bagel, Panini, cakes, etc. Today, I had a cake set; Today’s Cake and Rosehip Peach Tea (770yen). The cake is a seasonal flavor, that is, my favorite sweet potatoes! YAY!

Besides, this rosehip tea looks so beautiful! And, it smells like peach. Nice~♪

Beautiful rosehip tea (^^)

The staff told me to wait for about 3 minutes until the tea is ready. Watching an hourglass and waiting for my tea… How relaxing! I recommend this café for your fancy tea time. Enjoy!

~~~ Store Info. ~~~

1F Bay Paradise, 1-10-45 Nishi, Tsuchizaki minato, Akita City, Akita, Japan

*Open 10:30-17:00 (L.O. 16:30) from November to March

*Open 10:30-18:00 (L.O. 17:30) from April to October

*Open all year round

【Parking】Free parking

【From JR Akita Station (West Exit)】About 18 minutes by car・taxi / About 25 minutes by bus


~~~ Access to JR Akita Station ~~~

*From Akita Expressway (Akita-chuo IC): About 30 minutes by car・taxi

*From Akita Airport: About 40 minutes by car・taxi / About 40 minutes by limousine bus

Written by Naomi in Ugo

*As of December, 2021.

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