VR tourism♪ Enjoy virtual travels on YouTube VR!

Recently, VR (=Virtual Reality) has become more and more popular around the world. Have you ever tried it? Once you experienced the VR technology, I guess you’ll be into it! Actually, I’m one of those people. Today, I’d like to show you my favorite VR headset and a fun way to use it.

Oculus Quest 2

I’ve used Oculus Quest 2 since fall 2020. This wireless VR headset allows you to enjoy various VR world, such as, virtual reality games, movies, exercises, social media, etc. I especially enjoy watching movies on Amazon Prime and Netflix by using this VR app! You’ll feel as if you were in the movie theater! Similarly, when you watch YouTube VR, its videos are shown on a big screen, which is amazing!

So, using such VR technique can give us chances to enjoy virtual travel even at home. My recommendation is YouTube VR which is one of the popular free video app. (I guess many of you know this!)

Let’s go to the VR world♪
You can see another world from these glasses!

Let’s enjoy travel on YouTube VR♪】

Because of the current pandemic, it has become harder to enjoy traveling freely. However, VR tour is available at home anytime!! You can go anywhere…beautiful places in the world, local landmarks in your region, far sightseeing spots in and outside your country, travelling abroad, overseas, and even to the space! So exciting!

Let’s find those travel videos on YouTube VR! When you visit there, you can search them by 360°, 180°, 3D, 4K, 8K, 12K, etc. For example, if you select 360° and 12K, you can enjoy clear videos with 360° landscape around you. By the way, watching my favorite bands’ live concerts on VR made me excited the most! Yay!

YouTube VR – You can select videos as 360° and VR180, etc.

Even when you must stay home under this worldwide pandemic, this “indoor travel” provides us such feelings to enjoy domestic and international travels! How cool!

Speaking of which, we’ve posted a lot of articles about travels in our blog. (Hope you like it!) Here are Akita attractions we found on YouTube VR. We hope you’ll have fun watching them as well as reading our blog. Enjoy!

Nishimonai Bon Odori Dance (Ugo town, Akita, Japan) →*Go to our blog♪

*Recommended 4K video (Referenced from “けやき亭富山駅前”) https://youtu.be/7j-f1AAwW3k

*Recommended 360°video (Referenced from “report jpex” ) https://youtu.be/qA7FLeaiIw0

Namahage (Oga City, Akita, Japan) →*Go to our blog♪

*Recommended 360°video (Referenced from “akitavision”) https://youtu.be/DEDxCpyXa_k

Cherry blossoms in Kakunodate→*Go to our blog♪

*Recommended 360°video (Referenced from “あわあわ”) https://youtu.be/HIaBastuQ1U

*Recommended 360°video (Referenced from “田沢湖・角館観光協会”) https://youtu.be/_16FBEwGWOw

Akita Kanto Festival→*Go to our blog♪

*Recommended 4K video (Referenced from “Discover Nippon”) https://youtu.be/X9DvOq0VZ-4

*Recommended 360°video (Referenced from “aritvChannel”) https://youtu.be/8yE2YIpC36Q

Kamakura in Yokote→*Go to our blog♪

*Recommended 4K video (Referenced from “Discover Nippon”) https://youtu.be/YtdcRLk8V60

Nishimonai Bon Odori (Ugo town, Akita, Japan)

We hope you could feel our local soul!! Have fun!!

Written by Naomi in Ugo

*As of September, 2021.

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