Akita, Japan Tourism ~ YAKINIKU restaurant “Gyugentei” and local café “Dolls Coffee” in Akita, Tohoku, Japan

There are many delicious foods in Akita, Japan! You may be attracted by lots of tasty dishes here. Today, I’m going to share a YAKINIKU (BBQ) dine in restaurant “Gyugentei”!

Based on Yokote city, Akita, Gyugentei has 12 branch stores within the prefecture. The restaurant I went today was Gyugentei Akita, which is near JR Akita station (about 3 minutes on foot).

Gyugentei is on the 2nd floor of this building!

Because it’s originally a meat shop, Gyugentei selects and serves high-quality beef. The Japanese Black cow (wagyu beef), “Ugo-gyu (UGO BEEF)”, is mainly served in this restaurant. Ugo-gyu is originated in my hometown, Ugo-town, and is one of the wagyu beef rated high by central livestock market. Also, they provide famous rice, “Akita Komachi”, also made in Akita. You should try them! I think these are MUST things to do in Akita!

Entrance of Gyugentei

Going to the restaurant, I found that there were already some people waiting for the lunch! Everyone wants the high-quality beef! Wow!

The menu includes various YAKINIKU dishes as Wagyu Beef Small Cuts Set Lunch at 1280yen, Yaki-niku BBQ Set Lunch (Cuts of Upper Tongue, Outer Skirt from US, Yokote Apple Buta Pork Kalbi) at 1580yen, etc. (*As of March, 2021). Lunch set comes with mini salad, soup, Kimchi spicy pickles and rice (made in Akita). They also have others like Stone-cooked Bibimbap Lunch Set, Cold Korean Noodle “Reimen” Lunch Set, House Special Gyugen Set Lunch, and so on. Of course, you can order drinks, liquors, desserts, etc.

Here’s my yummy lunch today! Wagyu Yaki-niku BBQ Set Lunch (1780yen / *As of March, 2021)!!

There are cuts of wagyu kalbi beef boneless ribs, wagyu round steak, and Yokote Apple Buta pork kalbi. What a nice view♪

You can grill it like a BBQ. It’s so nice to eat smoking hot YAKINIKU at our own pace! Don’t grill it too much… and let’s eat!

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Hot hot hot! So delicious!!

So juicy♪

In front of the counter seat, I could see some trophies showing that they’re highly ranked in the beef market. It sounds more delicious!

Since Gyugentei Akita is located near the station, it’s easy to access during your trip or on having lunch with your family and friends. This place seems to be good for dining party, too. Enjoy Yakiniku as one of the Akita attractions!

Akita Citizen’s Market

After that, I dropped in at a nice coffee-roasting café, “Dolls Coffee”. It is located in the Akita Citizen’s Market, which sells lots of fresh fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and more. It is also good for sightseeing.

Entrance of Dolls Coffee

There, I ordered a set of a specialty coffee and cheesecake (900yen / *As of March, 2021). They smelled good and tasty!

Besides, you can enjoy homemade pasta, toasts, desserts and so on.

While enjoying the coffee time, I found some bottles of coffee beans decorated on the shelf. Each of them has a label indicating its brands and tastes. They are from Sumatra, Indonesia, etc. These coffee beans are carefully selected, satisfying severe standards of safety and quality. So, customers can taste such a high-quality coffee!

Lots of coffee beans!

Both Gyugentei and Dolls Coffee are near JR Akita Station.

Take a walk and enjoy our local specialties!

~~~ Store Info ~~~

  1. Akita Gyugentei

2F 2-6-44 Nakadori, Akita city, Akita, Japan


Open (Daytime) 11:30~15:00 (LO 14:00) / (Nighttime) 17:00~22:00 (LO 20:30)

*Closed on the 3rd Mondays (*Open on national holidays & Obon period in summer, but closed on Dec. 31 and Jan.1)

【Parking】Paid parking

【From JR Akita Station (West Exit)】About 3 minutes on foot

2. Dolls Coffee

4-7-35 Nakadori, Akita city, Akita, Japan (In Akita Citizen’s Market, 1F)


Open 9:00~16:00 (Except for Sundays)

*Closed on Sundays (Based on the regulation of Akita Citizen’s Market)

【Parking】Paid parking of Akita Citizen’s Market

【From JR Akita Station (West Exit)】About 7 minutes on foot

~~~ Access to JR Akita Station ~~~

*From Akita Expressway (Akita-chuo IC): About 30 minutes by car・taxi

*From Akita Airport: About 40 minutes by car・taxi / About 40 minutes by limousine bus


Written by Naomi in Ugo

*As of March, 2021.

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