Cafes near the site of Tokyo Olympic Games (National Stadium & Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium)

Although it has been postponed due to the pandemic, TOKYO Olympics (TOKYO 2020) will be held here in Japan in the near future, hopefully!

A lot of visitors will come to Tokyo, so we would like to share some cafe information around the Olympic site. 

The opening and closing ceremonies, track and field, and soccer games are going to be held at National Stadium. Also, table tennis games will be held at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Here are some cafes around the sites. 


千駄ヶ谷 グッドモーニングカフェ ナワデイズ

[Monday to Friday]
7:00~11:00(L.O 10:30)
11:00~15:00(L.O 14:30)
18:00~23:30(F.L.O 22:30/D.L.O 23:00)

[Weekends and national holidays]
8:00~11:00(L.O 10:30)
11:00~15:00(L.O 14:30)
15:00~17:00(CAFE TIME)
17:00~23:00(F.L.O 22:00/D.L.O 22:30)

[The closest station]

On foot (3 minutes) from “Sendagaya Station” (Sobu Line)

On foot (3 minutes) from A4 Exit of “Kokuritsu kyogi-jo (National Stadium) Station” (Toei Oedo Line)

This cafe opens early in the morning. They serve various foods from light morning meals to rich meals. For lunch, you can enjoy meat dishes, fresh vegetable meals and pasta. For dinner, based on the concept of Italian bar, they serve dishes which go well with liquor. Also, their prosciutto is popular. Because this cafe is spacious and close to the station, it looks suitable not only for a single guest but for a group of guests. They have English menu, too.


[Monday to Friday]
11:00〜23:00(L.O 22:00) BW CAFE 10:30〜19:00
[Weekends and national holidays]
10:00〜23:00(L.O 22:00) BW CAFE 9:30〜19:00

[The closest station]
On foot (2 minutes) from “Sendagaya Station” (Sobu Line)

This cafe is close to the station. There is a terrace. Also, it is spacious, which is good for a big group of customers. Interiors are fancy, too. There are various dishes at reasonable prices. You will be able to taste its set menu depending on your events!


[Open] 11:00~23:00 (L.O 22:00)

On foot (5 minutes) from “Sendagaya Station” (Sobu Line)

On foot (5 minutes) from “Kokuritsu kyogi-jo (National Stadium) Station” (Toei Oedo Line)

This is a family store of a Japanese popular hamburger shop, MOS BURGER. It targets at adult customers to enjoy the premium hamburgers. MOS PREMIUM specializes in hamburgers, so, those of this cafe are of course exquisite. You can also take them away. In addition to hamburgers, there are other menu as meat dishes, salad, various drinks, etc.

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