Payment guide of Japanese Yen ~ Overseas travel to Japan ~

Today, cashless payment seems to be more common all over the world, which makes overseas transactions much easier. Although it has become popular, there still remains payment by cash in Japan.

So you might have to find the nearest ATM or cash machines while traveling Japan. Here is a money guide in Japanese Yen.

There are bills and coins as cash in Japan. Let’s focus on the 6 kinds of coins; 1 yen, 5 yen, 10 yen, 50 yen, 100 yen and 500 yen coins.

Each number is written on the coins so you will easily identify them. Please note that only the 5-yen-coin has “五円” (five yen) in Kanji character instead of the number.

【Payment Example】

If you pay 768 yen by cash, you may use the followings:

500 yen coin × 1
100 yen coin × 2
50 yen coin ×1
10 yen coin ×1
5 yen coin ×1
1 yen coin ×3

If you have any troubles in paying by cash, we recommend you to ask staffs for a help. Usually in Japan, store staffs are kind enough to serve customers without cheating or taking money.

As already mentioned, cashless transaction has been more and more popular around Japan. But some places prefer payment by cash. Those are, such as, food stands at festivals, vending machines, parking lots, buses, trains, etc. Basically, cash is accepted in any places, so it seems useful to carry some cash (Japanese yen) with you as travel money.

We hope this money guide would be of your help!


As of May, 2020.

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