Travel to Japan! Air travel from New Chitose Airport (in Hokkaido) to Akita, Sendai and Iwate, Tohoku (the northern Japan)

Hokkaido is a beautiful place with lots of nature. It is the northern island of Japan, so visitors need to take an air travel or reasonable undersea tunnel to get to the main Japanese island called Honshu. Here are some tips to travel.

<<From New Chitose Airport to Akita, Tohoku>>

By airplane:

Approx. Time1 hour (one way)

FareAbout 28,000 yen per adult (one way)

*Please check more details on the official website below.

*JAL (Japan Airlines)

*ANA (All Nippon Airways)

From Akita Airport, you can come to the city center by rent-a-car, taxi, car or limousine bus (about 40 minutes). Especially, the limousine bus is useful in that it stops at several areas within the city in addition to Akita Station (West Exit). Please visit the official website for more information!

*Limousine bus from Akita Airport to Akita Station (Akita Chuoukotsu):

Akita has such attractions as a local folk events “Oga no Namahage” in winter and a big summer festival called “Akita Kanto Festival”. Also, Akita Dog Visitor Center is a fun place where tourists can learn about Akita dog.

At Akita Airport (domestic flight)☆
At Akita Airport (International flight)☆

<<From New Chitose Airport to Sendai, Tohoku>>

By airplane:

Approx. Time1 hour and 10 minutes (one way)

FareAbout 30,000 yen per adult (one way)

*Please check more details on the official websites.

From Sendai Airport, it will take about 25 minutes by local train (or 17 minutes by rapid train) to Sendai Station. Also, it’s about 45 minutes by Airport Limousine Bus and about 40 minutes by car or taxi respectively.

*Airport Limousine Bus (Sendai Bus)

In Sendai, “Ichinobo” and “Sakan” are one of our recommended ryokan (Japanese traditional hotels) where visitors may relax and enjoy delicious dishes. It is a good place to spend holidays as summer vacation. We hope you will experience there in your travels to Japan!

<<From New Chitose Airport to Iwate, Tohoku>>

By airplane:

Approx. Time55 minutes (one way)

FareAbout 28,000 yen per adult (one way)

*Please check more details on the official websites.

From Hanamaki Airport to Morioka Station, it will take about 35 minutes by train, about 45 minutes by bus and about 50 minutes by car or taxi.

Iwate prefecture is the birthplace of a famous writer, Kenji Miyazawa, and a poet, Takuboku Ishikawa. If you like to visit historic places and buildings, “Morioka Castle Ruins Park (Iwate Park)” and “Nanshoso” in Morioka city are recommended! They are both beautiful!

Written by Naomi in Ugo

*As of May, 2020.

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